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A luxuriously build 3-store, total area of 698 square meters house is for sale. It was built in 2002 and comes together with 30 acres of land. The place is near the Botanical Garden in Freda district, Kaunas, Lithuania:

Full communications are available: The villa is very warm and economical: The House is exclusively spacious and warm, very comfortable for a 4-5 person family to live.


The house is situated in a quiet area, 6 minutes drive from a local shopping center “Akropolis”. The place is situated on a hill, next to a forest. There are 212 pine-trees planted in the yard together with multiple other decorative plants. Drainage is installed as well as summer water supply (pipes), lights for the yard and paths around the yard. A big 250 square meter ferro-concrete parking space is made and a bower in the yard. Additionally, there is an option to buy and add 8 acres of land to the current 30 from the local authorities.

The yard is well equipped in terms of security. Automatic driveway gates, Security cameras, intercom with the gates, fire alarms around the house and a subscription with a local security company. There are 2 telephone-Internet lines installed as well as cable-TV and Internet-TV (Gala).

Half Cellar

The half-cellar of the house, total area 194 square meters, height 2.5 meters, is fully heated by radiators, floor is covered with ceramic tiles. There is “Fujitsu; central air conditioning system installed, which provides clean and cool air for 1 and 2 floors, where you have individually controlled deflectors in every room. The system guarantees comfortable air temperature even during the hottest days. Moreover, there is a 10 sq.m washing room and 22 sq.m drying room in the half-cellar. A 6 sq.m sauna is installed with Finnish “Harvia” heat controller and there is a massaging shower next to the sauna.

The heating/working room is 31 sq.m size, there is gas (or liquid fuel) powered 64kw “Vailant” central heater with forced air injection, 200 liter fast-paced boiler, automatic water filtering system (made in Germany). Additionally, there is a big, 54 sq.m billiard room.

1st floor

On the 1st floor of the house, the ceiling is from 3.15m to 3.4m height, the whole floor is covered with high quality ceramic tiles. There is electric heating for the floor with individual control for every room in addition to regular water-heaters with temperature control. The floor has a 10cm. thermal and sound isolation layer.

The kitchen is 26sq.m size, there is an integrated kitchen furniture set of “Narbutas ir Co” together with German “Siemens” dishwasher, fridge, gas-electric stove and oven, microwave oven, kitchen ventilation.

The working room / library is 22 sq.m size, there is contract made Mahogany furniture set.

The living room (31 sq.m) has cherry tree furniture set. There is an option to build a fireplace, there is a separate chimney shaft reserved for this.

Dressing room (10 sq. m) has integrated wall-wardrobes as high as the ceiling.

Toilet – 10 sq.m, Entrance Hall – 36 sq. m, ceiling is 3.4 meters high. There are Oak stairs leading to the second floor and the cellar from the Hall.

The garage for cars (54 sq. m) is heated. The floor is made from stone-mass tiles with Swedish waterproof material below. There are German “Horman” thermo-isolating automatic gates installed. There is no need to heat the garage during the winter – the temperature stays around 5-8 degrees Celcius.

2nd floor

The 2nd floor of the house is nearly all covered with Oak/Ash parket. The height of ceiling is 3.15 meters. The main bedroom (31 sq. m) has a separate bath and WC (10 sq. m) with electrically heated floor. There are 3 more bedrooms: 26 sq. m, 22 sq. m, 21 sq. m. and one more bathroom (9 sq. m) with heated floor and WC (2 sq. m). They are all connected by a Hall (16 sq. m).

There is a big room above the garage (52 sq. m). The floor of the room is made from pine-tree boards on top of 10cm thermo-isolating layer. The room has integrated wall-wardrobes.

3rd floor

On the 3rd floor of the house there is a big sports hall (184 sq.m). the height of the ceilings if from 1.6m near the exterior walls to 5.0m in the center of the hall. There are no bulkheads, thus it is easily possible to play basketball, the is a special wall for tennis and so on...

There are 6 roof windows, the heaters keep the desired room temperature. The whole hall is made from pine-tree boards, there is a 10 cm. Thermo and sound isolating layer under the wooden floor.

Building Specifics

The Villa was build according to healthy living – Feng Shui traditions. Only ecological and expensive materials have been used for the interior design, mainly made in Germany. Interior walls and ceilings have been painted with ecological, water-washable paint (made in Germany) in all the house.

The Villa is built on top of ferro-concrete monolithic base and was fully finished in 2002. The roof is covered by Swedish zincked tin-plates “Wecman” and multi-layered polymeric material, color – green olives. There is 20cm thick heat isolation on the roof, also 6 “Vellux” roof windows.

All windows in the house have triple-pane glass, one of them is slightly toned – all made in Sweden. Outer walls of the house are 62 cm thick with 15cm thermo-isolation layer in between ceramic bricks and blocks.

Outer walls are covered with 4 mm structural, acrylic, grey with a slight green tone stucco (made in Germany). Every room on the second floor has a balcony.

In case of emergency – there is a tank 5x3 meters buried next to the house for fuel reserves.

The house has a powerful multi-channel chimney with a lightning-rod. This provides a very effective and individually controlled ventilation for every room in the house.

Utility costs

The costs for heating the whole villa and having hot water for normal usage during winter season are around 1300 – 1800 litas per month (gas heating). This was calculated for a normal 4 person family, when the rooms on 1,2 floors have stable 22-25 degrees temperature. Electricity costs ~180 litas per month.


E-Mail: info@vipvilla.lt

Call [EN] +44 7 414 749640 from 9:00 to 19:00 GMT
Call [LT] +370 6 25 49681 from 11:00 to 19:00 GMT+2

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Area Plan



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First Floor

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Second Floor

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Sports Hall